Be Empowered with the Knowledge, Skills and Connections You Need to Navigate the Labyrinth to Leadership

Gain unique industry insight from the most inspirational women in Finance. Learn how to realize your potential, build high-performing diverse and inclusive teams, and steer your organization through a rapidly changing industry.

A vibrant conference that created an amazingly positive energy and allowed for many follow up opportunities in my professional as well as personal life!

Managing Director @ ING

Inspiring and energizing!

Head of Risk @ BNP Paribas

An accelerator lab for your career. The panel discussions, networking opportunities and a fantastic lineup of speakers allow you to apply the knowledge in the workplace and advance your career.

Director @ HSBC

About Women in Finance West Coast

Are you ready to turn a moment into a movement?

Following sell-outs events in London, Sydney and Amsterdam, we are bringing the world’s largest conference series dedicated to driving gender diversity in Finance to the US.

The representation of women in the higher echelons is appalling – only 12% of the CEOs of large US financial firms are women. Even worse, women hold just 9% of senior roles in venture capital and only 6% in private equity. 

Rectifying gender balance is not just a women’s issue - it affects everyone.

Are you hungry for unique insight and practical tips to help fulfil your personal and professional goals? Would you like to network with your peers and learn from others facing common challenges? Are you ready to learn how to improve diversity and inclusion within your organisation?

Become an integral part of the movement challenging traditions and join a vibrant community of over 500 professionals to make an impact on the sector! It’s time to get those feet off the sticky floor and smash through the glass ceiling!



AXA IM Rosenberg Equities
Western Union
Standard  Chartered Bank
Franklin Templeton Investments
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Authentic Culture

Speakers include:

Kathleen Houssels

Global Chief Investment Officer @ AXA IM Rosenberg Equities

Jacqueline Molnar

Chief Compliance Officer @ Western Union

Marianne De Backer

Global Vice President, M&A Ops, Divestitures and IDV BD @ Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Teuila Hanson

Senior Vice President of People and Culture @ Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Topics include:

The Future of Finance

  • Role Models Do Exist
  • The Diversity Revolution
  • Finding Inner Confidence
  • The Next Generation – Don’t Pull the Ladder Up
  • Shaping the Future of Finance

The Diversity Agenda

  • The Global Manager: A New Path to Inclusive Leadership
  • Dare to Be Bad and Rock the Boat
  • Engaging Everyone in Diversity
  • The Age of Agile Working
  • Rewire the System to Rewire Behaviors

Tech Transforming Finance

  • Why YOU Should Invest in Fintech
  • Is Public Cloud a Possibility
  • Digital Transformation and Diversity
  • Integrating Innovation into Global Banking

Emerging Trends

  • Regulation and Risk
  • How is Banking Infrastructure Evolving?
  • Compliance and Customer Experience: A Crucial Relationship
  • New Realities of the CFO
  • Female Entrepreneurs & Venture Capital

Be the CEO of Your Career

  • How to Network Successfully Internally & Externally
  • Stand Up, Stand Out
  • Mapping Your Next Move
  • Having a Sense of Worth

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